Do Rappers Use Online Rhyming Dictionary Rhymezone Rhymedesk Rappad RhymeDB?

Do Rappers Use Rhymezone

The English language has around 170k-180k words, and daily new words keep adding to it. Did you know that the average human can remember around 20k-35k words?


Yes, it means that rappers, songwriters, poets, musicians, lyricists, use rhyming dictionaries like a Thesaurus, Rhymezone, Rhymedesk, Rhymer, Etc.

Use it, if you want because sometimes we can’t think of words that can make your rap better but having words in your Head will is always help you in writing rap, poem for poets, and songwriting for singers.

Rappers like Eminem, Jay Z, Drake, and Kanye West might be using rhyming dictionaries because no one is perfect and no one can remember all English letters, and even thinking of rhyming words at the moment is not easy unless you have mastered.

Is using Rhyming Dictionary is cheating?

No, because making a good rap, poem, or song is the main aim for rappers, poets, or singers. Rhyming dictionaries are here to help them to find the right rhymes of words.

For god's sake, never say using rhyming dictionaries is cheating because rhyming dictionaries are here to use to be used especially by rappers, singers, and poets. So, using rhyming dictionaries is not bad.

Advantages of Using Rhyming Dictionaries

  • It Saves Times
  • It helps in expanding the knowledge of our vocabulary

Fun Fact: Eminem also uses a dictionary but I am not sure if he uses a normal dictionary or rhyming dictionaries like thesaurus or Rhymezone. In his one interview, he said that he thinks about rhyming words throughout the day.

5 Best Rhyming Dictionaries Online

  1. Rhymezone (
  2. Rappad (
  3. Rhymedesk (
  4. Rhymedb (
  5. Rhymer (

Best Choice for Online Rhyming Dictionary is Rhymezone.

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